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All about Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers are a type of vape designed for on-the-go usage; You know, the type of vape that you can just throw into your pocket for later use while going about your other activities.

The portable vape, in some sense, has become a symbol of today’s fast-paced society and has been adopted heavily because of the ease of use and convenience that come with using it. To some extent, they are one of the best ways if you are planning on vaporizing any concentrate.

A portable vaporizer can provide an entirely new and exciting experience to you.  It increases the pleasure you get from each herb or concentrate you use it with.

But if you are new to this whole topic, you might be holding your head in your hand while thinking, “What, in heaven’s name, is a vaporizer?” well, relax, we got you.

A Vaporizer (or Vape, as you might have heard it called) is an electronic device used to turn a solid into vapor by heating it; the solid substance, in this case, is usually dry herbs. A portable vaporizer is the smaller, more portable version of this.

There are different types of vaporizers, each designed for a specific purpose. These types include dry herb vaporizers, wax vaporizers, oil vaporizers, and e-liquid vaporizers. Today, we are talking about portable vaporizers and before we get ahead of ourselves, let me first tell you how a portable vaporizer works.

How does portable vaporizers work?

dry herb portable vaporizer Airvape
dry herb portable vaporizer Airvape

A portable vaporizer has 5 main components or parts: the tank, battery, sensor, atomizer, and mouthpiece. Each of these components plays a crucial role in the workings of a portable vaporizer which we will examine later.

A portable vaporizer works by converting electrical energy from its battery into heating energy used to heat your solid substances (dry herbs and etc.).

Now, the type of heating method the vaporizer uses to do this heating can be either the conduction method or the convection method.

With the convection method, the heating element of the vape is heated [REWRITE], and the air is passed through it, and then the hot air is to distribute the heat to other parts of the vape to heat the dry herbs or whatever you want to vaporize.

The conduction method is the most popular method of the duo as it offers more versatility and is widely adopted in the industry. With this method, the heated parts of the vape are allowed to be in contact with the dry herbs.

There are two methods of achieving this heating by conduction, and they are with the use of a) heating coil b) heating chambers.

Heat is generated by the atomizer or in the heating chambers, pulling power from the batteries and use it to heat the tank. The sensors regulate the amount of power that the atomizer can use.  

After the dry herbs have been sufficiently heated and are emitting smoke, you can now inhale it using the mouthpiece.

So, here is a quick rundown of the uses of the different parts of a Portable Vape Pen:

  1. Tank: In most portable vapes, this is where the dry herbs are stored and heated.
  2. Battery: This is the main power supply of the portable vape. They are usually lithium-ion batteries.
  3. Sensor: This regulates the temperature of the atomizer.
  4. Atomizer: This is used to generate heat by pulling power from the batteries and converting it to heat.
  5. Mouthpiece: This is a detachable, piece from which inhalation is done. Air is also passed out from the vaporizer through it.

Types of Portable Vaporizers

portable vaporizer pen
portable vaporizer pen
  1. Portable dry herb vaporizers: these are the types of portable vapes used to heat and vaporize dry herbs. They are the most common types available.
  2. Portable E-liquid vaporizers: E-liquids come in different flavors and types so using a dry herb vaporizer for it is not ideal hence the need for an e-liquid vape. They require more effort to maintain due to their different hardware makeup. Examples of E-liquid vapes are E-cigs and Box mods.
  3. Portable Wax Vaporizers: These are versatile vapes as they can be used to vape almost anything from vape wax, oil to concentrates. They usually have a longer lifespan than others.

Which one would you choose? A portable vaporizer is a must-have tool for people who want to try out vaping as it proves to be a more convenient and enjoyable experience than others. If you are thinking about buying a vaporizer, you definetly should do some research on which one is the best. Be updated at your blog for more tips!