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How do weed pipes work?

Pipes for smoking marijuana have been around for at least two thousand years. From low-tech clay and bamboo joints to elaborate, expensive water pipes, the simple act of inhaling cannabis has gone through many transformations over the years.

For those who need medicinal help but also want to “get stoned”, this may be the best way to go. For many decades now, people have been using marijuana as an effective form of pain relief. As ailments evolve, so does the method of consumption; and even then, people are still discovering new ways to smoke their cannabis. One area where there is a lot of innovation is in smoking marijuana through pipes or bongs. Over the last 40 years or so, there have been many major developments in marijuana use specifically through pipes.

Today’s weed pipe is no different regarding how it works. However, advancements in technology have allowed us to use vaporizer devices, so you don’t have to burn your weed to feel the high but still using the charming pipe. You can vape it instead, with no combustion and no harm to your lungs.

Materials of weed pipes

wooden weed pipe
wooden weed pipe

The newest weed pipes are made from borosilicate glass or metal construction. This type of glass is stronger than traditional glass and can be used to make some very intricate designs. You have noticed by now that the design of a typical bud pipe has not changed much over the last century.

However, once you break out your trusty pipe, you may notice how much simpler it is to use. The most obvious difference is the lack of a bowl (the part where weed goes in) and stem (the part that brings air into your lungs). In short, there are no “accidents” with this design!

How do pipes work?

Bongs work in the same way as pipes do; they take air into your lungs only after marijuana passes through water. Bongs, however, are not as simple as pipes. Due to the water reservoir and its function, bongs are more complicated that pipes.

Regular pipes are usually made of clay or metal that can be shaped into a tube. Instead of using cannabis directly, smokers usually insert their weed into a pipe by first grinding it up with a sharp tool. In the case of marijuana joints (also known as “joints”), people can take any number of different approaches to extracting the resin from the plant matter. Burning is one method in which smoke passes through marijuana before reaching users lungs.

While fire is certainly a way to smoke weed, there is another even easier method that requires no fixing at all. Instead of holding a joint or bowl, people can simply smoke weed with a pipe. In this way, they can control the temperature and puff volume of the smoke.

From here on out, we will only be discussing how to make marijuana pipes for personal use. It would be inappropriate for us to provide any details about purchasing marijuana for smoking it in other places.

Marijuana strain recommendation

Here is a picture of some marijuana that I highly recommend trying in your weed pipe. It is called “Haze” and it is very potent. It was grown legally, unlike most of the pot you buy at your local head shop.

This strain of marijuana will give you a very mild high but not enough to make you sleepy or faint. Some find this pleasant; others find it too relaxing and fall asleep while smoking. For those who prefer to use marijuana in pipes, this strain would be great for a relaxing day at home on the couch with your favorite movie on TV!

Where to buy marijuana?

cannabis dispensary
cannabis dispensary

One important thing we do want to point out is that most people who buy marijuana for smoking are now entering a dispensary website instead of buying pot at their local headshop. The reason for this is simple; you don’t go into a convenience store and buy beer! You order it directly from the company that makes it (in this case, your local medical or recreational marijuana dispensary).

Another reason people are now buying from dispensaries instead of headshops is that they can purchase marijuana and marijuana-related products online through the dispensary website. Some popular brands you may have heard of include “Cheeba Chews”, “Kiva Bars”, and “Candy Cane Chronic”. To find out more information about these products, or to buy them, visit your local dispensary website.

When choosing a pipe, you may want to consider the following:

weed pipe vaporizer
weed pipe vaporizer

If you’ve never used marijuana or don’t smoke, there are several things you should consider when choosing a pipe or bong. We’d like to provide a few details that will help make your decision-making process easier.

Easy-to-hold pipes

Some people prefer miniatures above normal-sized ones so they can be more portable. It is also possible to purchase pipes that are designed for use with an 18″ long stem.

High-quality glass

You’ll want to find a pipe made from borosilicate glass (pictured above). This type of glass is stronger than traditional glass and can be used to make some very intricate designs.

An open-air pipe

Some pipes have a bottom that allows the user to breathe through the pipe. For best results, this feature is a must.

Regardless of whether you are making your own marijuana pipe from scratch, or purchasing one already made, you’ll want to buy the highest quality marijuana strain/s available. Also be sure to select a top-shelf cannabis oil (suitable for internal use) so you can enjoy every minute of your smoking experience. 

Buying Weed Online

If you are looking for a high-quality cannabis, without the hassle and cost, then you want to try online marijuana dispensaries.

There you have it! Now you are able to choose from a nice weed strain to the best pipe for you. Keep updated on our blog for more information about pipes, weed and vapes!