The Ultimate Buying Guide For The Best Portable Vaporizer

//The Ultimate Buying Guide For The Best Portable Vaporizer

The Ultimate Buying Guide For The Best Portable Vaporizer

If you plan to buy vape pen online, many can prove to you that is a challenging decision especially if you have never purchased one before. There is a wide variety of options on the market, and online vape stores with a few vape pens for sale asking for more than $300. There might also be weed pipes for sale in these stores that fits your needs of vaping.


In this article, we will make sure to help you buy vaporizer online the right way and avoid wasting money on one that will not achieve its purpose. This buying guide for the best portable vaporizer will especially be helpful for first timers in the vaporizer market.


The guide will help you come to a decision through different categories of vape pen. The categories discussed in the article will include vapor quality, battery life, portability, temperature control, price range, cleaning and maintenance, and cheap vape pens.


Portable Vaporizers 101


Many portable vaporizers are available in different shapes, sizes, types and fall into different price ranges. There are convection heating bowls, conduction heating bowls, different sizes of heating chambers, internal rechargeable batteries, external rechargeable batteries, and different sizes of vapor paths.


Here is a guide to assist you in your decision to buy the best dry herb vaporizer.


Heating System 


  1. Conduction 


Vaporizers that make use of this heating method transfer heat from a certain object to a different one. This kind of heating can be wasteful of the herbs one is trying to consume as it burns the herbs regardless of whether one is inhaling or not. The herbs will come in contact with the walls of the heating chamber and usually, only their outside burns.


The center of the herb remains unburnt and this wastes the herbs. To effectively burn the herbs, stirring may be required. The vapor quality from a conduction vaporizer highly depends on the herbs themselves, the grinding applied, packaging type, and the temperature setting employed on the vape. Conduction vaporizers are generally simple and the Pax 3 is a good example of a conduction vaporizer.


  1. Convention


This heating method heats the herbs by passing a stream of hot air into the heating chamber, where it contains the herbs. It’s important to note that the herbs do not touch with the source of the heat. The hot air, which vaporizes the herbs only, goes into the chamber as you inhale, and this saves the herbs from unnecessary burning. Burning herbs only when a user inhales is the reason why these convection vaporizers are considered the most efficient. These types of dry herb vaporizer usually require a bit of learning and practice before one can fully utilize them. Both Firefly 2+ and Ghost MV1 are some examples of convection heating vaporizers that makes a good quality of vaporized herb.


  1. Hybrid Units 


Hybrid heating units make use of a mix of both convection and conduction heating methods. These units usually have the highest level of flavorful efficiency that come with convection units and they have the ease of use that comes with conduction units. Top of the range units such as the Mighty and the Crafty are some of the vaporizers that use hybrid heating units.




Vaporizers can come with an internal or external battery and the choice between the two comes down to how one wants to use their weed vape. External batteries give you the option to vape without recharging as you can use multiple external batteries. Internal batteries mean that the vaporizer will have to be charged each time before use. It is also important that internal batteries now come with a variety of charging options which gives them portability. Battery packs and car chargers can be used to recharge internal batteries.




To sum up this bit of the guide, conduction vaporizers heat up the bowl once they are switched on and this tends to be wasteful because the herbs burn regardless of you not inhaling them. However, these vaporizers are quite straightforward and simple. Convection vaporizers provide “heat-on-demand” which means they only heat up your herbs when you pull.


This makes them more efficient and less wasteful of the herbs. They also provide better tasting vapor but they require a bit of practice before one can completely master them. Having an understanding of the battery options and set ups is helpful as you need to make a choice based on your preferred using scenarios.


Let’s Now Start The Buying Guide!

Before you can find a perfect weed pen, or vaporizers for weed, to suit your exact needs, there are a few questions you should ask yourself to determine which vaporizer to purchase. These questions set out your priorities clearly and help you come to a decision. Here are the questions you need to ask yourself:

  • Will you vape only when you’re alone, or most of the time? Or will you be vaping with a group such as at parties or outdoor retreats?
  • What tool do you currently use to smoke? Do you use a glass already or do you use hand rolled joints?
  • Will you be vaping when going somewhere or only do indoor vaping?
  • What are some of the crucial factors when choosing vaporizers? Is it the vapor production, discretion, portability, taste, battery life, efficiency, or price?
  • What materials do you know when it comes to vaporizers? Will you be using oils/e-liquids, dry herbs, or wax/concentrates?
  • How much weed can you tolerate? Will you need a sizable bowl and how regularly will you make use of your bowl?


After answering these questions, you can follow through my guide below to determine the ideal best-selling vaporizers for you and your friends.

How To Follow This Guide 

In this guide, I will make a list of our top herbal vaporizer in every category and give reasons why these vaporizers are the best in that category. Depending on the factors you consider the most important to you, you can find the best vaporizer in those categories. The first on the list is the top rated in our opinion and the ratings go down as you proceed down the list. It is important to note that every weed vaporizer on the list is great all the same.


For example, if portability is the most important quality you are looking for, you can check the category of Portability. Under this category, there are five rated vaporizers which I have tested for weight, ease of concealment, ease of storage (i.e if they can be easily put in your pockets, hoodies, backpack etc) and general size of the vapor pen with each piece of the unit considered. The same method applies for all categories mentioned above.


Hopefully, this guide will help you make a decision if you’re a first timer or even if you just want to make a change from your current vape and want to find the best vaporizer for weed.


If there is a dry herb vaporizer that you think should be included at any top 5 category, don’t hesitate to give me your comments below. These categories are my opinion and the more opinions we have, the more people can be helped to get the best weed vaporizer for themselves.


Please note that these vaporizers are the only ones that I have tested personally. Thank you for checking out my guide and please, never forget to tell your friends about this guide by clicking the share button below if you find it helpful in making a decision to find the best vape.


*Notes: Finding the ideal vaporizer cannot be applied to everyone, as each of us have different tastes and perspectives. These recommendations are only based on my experiences with them. I have tested each of these vaporizer and can attest that these vaporizers included in this list are of excellent quality, else this list won’t exist. In my opinion, there is no vaporizer that stands out from the rest in all aspect, rather each of them has benefits and drawbacks. I have separated them in categories, so you just have find the quality you prefer the most and pick from my list.


Vapor Quality 


Factors: Taste, Temperature, Density


  1. Firefly 2+


This product maintains the smooth and unique taste of vapor produced by the preceding vaporizers from Firefly, but it comes with other better features. Top of the list of these is consistency. The Firefly 2 works perfectly every time and there is no longer the need to struggle with the power tuning of the device or any other complex actions. With this vape, you just need to press and hold a button and draw. The Firefly 2 will undoubtedly deliver some of the best vape flavors you have ever tested. The latest Firefly 2+ has reduced draw resistance as opposed to Firefly 2, as well as a longer battery life made possible through firmware updates. It also heats up quicker than its counterpart and this allows it to have more consistency without you playing around with different loading styles. This is the best pen vaporizer that retails at around $249.


  1. Crafty


This nifty cloud vape pen is the closest thing next to Firefly 2+ with regards to vapor taste and smoothness. It produces clouds of equal density but the Firefly 2 beats it at efficiency and it is not quite as clean in terms of tasting. However, it still gives high quality vapor and it is small enough to allow you to clear the bowl in a few hits. This makes it great for short sessions on the go. It also has improved battery life which allows for longer periods of use.


  1. Mighty


This is basically a bigger version of the previous pen vape, Crafty. Produced by the same company, Storz & Bickel, it gives you the exact same feature of density, smoothness, and taste. These vaporizers, Mighty and Crafty, mainly differ in size, overall battery life, and the heating time, which aren’t really important if you are looking at vapor quality alone. I dislike the size of the Mighty but it produces some top notch vapor quality, inseparable from the Crafty in that regard.


  1. ArGo


Made by Canadian company Arizer, the ArGo makes use of a convection heating unit. It is an excellent device and, true to the nature of Arizer products, it delivers some remarkable flavor. It is also very efficient but my complaints about this device come from the size of the bowl and stem. For a unit that’s designed for on the go use, the bowl is too small for my liking and the glass stems could easily break if you’re on the move.


  1. StickyBrick


The StickyBrick sticks to the same feature in this category, which is the use of hybrid or convection heating systems. StickyBrick units make use of convection heating but instead of using a battery like all the other pen vaporizer on this list, they make use of flames. StickyBricks are quite large in size but they come with high quality vapor and I find them quite fun to use.




Factors: Concealability, Overall size, Weight


  1. Pax 3


Pax 3 is undefeated in terms of portability. It is extremely lightweight, weighing in at only 93 grams. It is also really small in size and it has a mouthpiece that is redesigned to sit fashionably on top of the device. Pax also reduced the cleaning and maintenance needs of the Pax 3 and it has a much improved vapor production compared to its predecessors.


  1. Davinci MIQRO


As the name suggests, Davinci MIQRO maintains a quite small weed vape pen. It is also very light and it is one of the cheapest vape costing about $150.


  1. Davinci IQ


The Davinci IQ is the bigger brother of MIQRO, but it is very portable and smaller. It weighs only around 145 grams and it can be easily carried in one’s pockets. It is more powerful than its brother in all other aspects.


  1. Pax 2


Pax 2 is basically the same, in terms of portability, as its successor, the Pax 3. However, it is way less fancy than the other, and it comes with a shorter vape pen battery life as well.


  1. Crafty


Although it is not as small as the others in size, the Crafty is quite light. It weighs about 135 grams and it still fits in your pockets easily. Combine this with its vapor quality production, the Crafty is a top vaporizer.


Battery Life of Vaporizers


  1. Mighty 


You can find Volcano vaporizer for sale online, and this unit is one of them that comes with an exceptional battery life. It is bigger than any other portable vapes but if you are looking to buy a vaporizer based on battery life, this is your unit. It makes use of two internal rechargeable batteries that give an average of 100 minutes of continuous usage time. I am able to have around 8 complete sessions out of the Mighty before it needs recharging. It takes over 2 hours for the unit to fully recharge. The Mighty also has pass-through charging features, which allows me to use it while recharging.


  1. Arizer Solo 2


Solo 2 runs for days if you are using it for multiple short sessions. In only one charge, you could get as much as 120 minutes of run time on this vaporizer. However, I put it second to the Mighty due to its smaller bowl which takes about 15g. Although it can run longer, the Mighty allows you to vape more herbs because of its larger bowl, as well as less session times. The Solo 2 is quite cheaper in comparison to the Mighty so it is a very good option.


  1. Boundless Tera


This is by far my most favorite and best weed vaporizer unit to come out from Boundless. The battery life on this vaporizer is very good and the best part is that it has replaceable batteries. This means that you can buy and carry extra batteries and swap them out while you’re on the go. It is great for those outdoor escapades that will keep you temporarily away from a particular power source.


  1. Pax 3


Of all the single battery units, Pax 3 may have the longest battery life yet. You can expect to get over 90 minutes of battery life from this herbal vaporizer pen. When you consider the small size of this unit and the fact that all that battery life comes from a single li-ion battery, it is very impressive.


  1. Davinci IQ


Davinci IQ is also a unit that uses only one li-ion battery, but it gives you about three quarters of battery life that the Pax 3 has. However, the IQ’s batteries are replaceable and therefore you can bring with you extra batteries to swap out as needed.


Temperature Control


  1. Mighty


This is the best vape pen that utilizes a common LED display that gives you a selection of temperatures ranging between 104oF and 410oF. The controls are simple and they do not get stuck like on other vapes. The unit has a bright and clear display that makes it easy to read.


The wide range of temperatures available give you complete control over your vaping temperature and the Mighty is consistent in holding a chosen temperature. Even when you apply aggressive draws, the temperature variation remains within a range of 10 to 15 degrees. With some vapes, you can lose up to 100 degrees if you vape aggressively and this makes Mighty an excellent product.


  1. Davinci IQ


Davinci IQ gives you full control over your temperature settings even though it is quite small. The buttons feel really good and it has a unique LED screen. It comes with some unique features such as “boost mode” that increases the temperature while you press a button and hold. It would then return to the preset temperature when you do not press the button anymore. It also gives you “vapor paths” that lets you set different temperatures during a particular session. You can start at one temperature and end at another temperature of your choice.


  1. ArGo


This unit also gives you full temperature control and the controls are very easy to use. This is the vaporizer that I mostly use and I can put it in the pocket, without having to worry about the stem getting broken. It is an overall good unit that is decently priced. If the Mighty and IQ are out of your price range, this could be a great pick.


  1. PoTV ONE


Due to all the units here having fully temperature control, I arranged them from highest priced to lowest and this ONE is considerably the next cheapest unit on this list. The vapor on this comes out a tad on the hot end and that could be a bit tough to take. Even with its lackluster battery life, this unit is more than enough if you want a cheap vape that allows you to control your vaping temperature.


  1. Starry 


This unit is quite small, has replaceable batteries and gives you full temperature control. It also has decent vapor quality and given it retails at under $100, it is a great value vaporizer.




  1. Crafty and Mighty 


As you will notice, I have put 5 units under 2 positions in this category because there isn’t much to separate them in this category. The Mighty and Crafty do not require cleaning as frequently as some types of dry herb vape pen. These units will rarely need cleaning but if you clean them, you might spend between 15 and 30 minutes to completely clean the unit.


  1. Arizer Solo 2, Air 2 and ArGo


All these units from Arizer use similar heating and vapor paths. The bowl is basically not needing any maintenance, similar to the Mighty and Crafty, but Arizer units will require you to have their glass stems cleaned. You can have sessions for long periods of time without cleaning the stems but they might start looking dirty and foggy if the cleaning is left too late. Cleaning the glass stems frequently is the best idea as they are easy to clean and the process is quick. Isopropyl alcohol may be the best agent to use in cleaning the glass stems.


Budget Vapes


  1. Xmax V2 Pro


This unit is one of the cheapest vape units, which are powered with batteries, that I will recommend. Some of the cheaper units are a waste of money and some of them are unsafe. This vaporizer is surprisingly solid for a vape in the bottom tier of the price range. It features a number of temperature control settings, has batteries that can be replaced, and produces some vapor with good density.


The vapor can be a bit hot and harsh, and the mouthpiece can get dirty pretty quickly. You can purchase this for about $59 or so, but I recommend buying it with the glass mouthpiece compatible with the unit or look for water pipes for sale, which should cost an extra $10. For a budget person like you, this is the best herbal vaporizer for you.


  1. Xmax Starry 


Xmax Starry costs about $40 more than the V2 and for the extra price, you get a complete control over the temperature, much better quality of vapor and replaceable batteries. The experience is better with the Starry and it is cheaper than the V2.


  1. PoTV ONE


This unit is a new vape on the market and it is the latent upgrade to the line of Fury vaporizers. It retails at about $129 and although it doesn’t have replaceable batteries similar to the Starry, this unit lacks draw resistance, as well as vapor density. For this unit, the vapor comes out very hot and a bit harsh, but for a unit in its price range, the PoTV ONE is solid.


  1. Vapcap-M


This is by far the only unit for this category that can be powered by a flame, butane or a torch. It is a small and simple unit and it works very well. Selling at $65, it is very cheap and it is quite a stealthy budget vape. Use of Vapcaps requires some caution as the flame can be dangerous if used in the wrong situation or by an inexperienced user.

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