The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

//The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

The Best Dry Herb Vaporizers

Finding the right vaporizer for you isn’t easy. There are plenty of options out there and my considerations to take into account. This article can help you choose and provide you with the information you need to make the best decision.


We have listed 10 of the best desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vape pens for sale in the online market. We also wrote down all the basics on how to choose what kind of vaporizers that suite you.



This very affordable desktop type vaporizer features precision temperature control ranging from 50? to 260? and a fan with 3-speed settings. It even comes with a very useful remote control!


The extreme Q’s heating element is made from high-quality ceramic and a convenient glass holder for your dry herb above the heating element, making it a convection-style vaporizer. This means it can provide a great, clean flavor and is a very efficient way to vaporize herbs. All the dry herb material vaporizes evenly without you having to mix it, unlike most conduction vaporizers.


Owing to it being a solid vaporizer overall and its bargain price of $169.99, the Arizer Extreme is one of the best selling vaporizers in the market. If you want a cheap, high-quality desktop type vaporizer at a very affordable price, then this one is definitely for you.


  • DaVinci IQ


The DaVinci IQ is one of those amazing vaporizers with unique features. And it comes to a good price considering what you’re getting


The Da Vinci IQ has a “boost mode” feature, which quickly heats the device for up to 220? in less than 16 seconds. It also allows the user to increase the temp gradually as the session continues. All these features are customizable and can be done using their phone app.


The device also lets you adjust the temperature from 120? to 220?. The purity and flavor quality of your vape is also ensured by the ceramic zirconia path where the vapor traverses. It runs on a 18650 battery that gives you a 1 ½ hours of vaping time with a charging time of 3 hours. This high-vaporizer costs 274.99


  • Firefly 2


One of the best weed vaporizers in the market, this portable weed vaporizer lets your herb material reach the standard vaping temperature in as quick as 5 seconds or even less, far beyond any other vaporizer in the present market. This is one of the prime features that makes this vaporizer great

The Firefly 2 can be set to 5 different temperature settings (340?, 360?, 38?, 400?, and 420?) using the free Firefly phone app. You can also set the device to vape concentrates by loading the bowl and packing the material right down. You then activate the device, and the vapor traverses through a glass tube and to the mouthpiece producing a cleaner flavor.

It runs on runs on a replaceable battery that can last up to 6 to 8 bowls of material. You can get 2 batteries when you buy this device, and they can be fully charged in 45 minutes with a Quickcharge Ac adaptor.


The price of the unit is $329.95, and it comes with batteries, concentrate pads, a charging dock, and cleaning tools. Overall the Firefly 2 is exceptional and might be the best vaporizer for weed suited for you.


  • Goboof Alfa


This beautifully sleek handheld vaporizer design for comfort is the ideal weed vape for you if you’re the outgoing type, due to its very discreet design, and a fully charged unit can last for up to 2 hours of vaping. It features 3 different temperature settings (190?, 210?, or 220?) which can be changed using the dial located at the vaporizer’s upper edge. It also comes with a unique option that allows the vaporizer to automatically over time or with every puff you take.


Alfa’s heating system has an excellent design. The oven located at the bottom of the device is connected to a solid metal tube that extends to the center. This allows for the even distribution of heat and makes sure that the herb you put in gets vaporized evenly despite being a conduction type vaporizer. Because of this efficient design, the Goboof Alfa can reach vaping temperatures in a mere 30 seconds.


If you are looking something more discreet, this vaporizer is for you — it prices at $219.99 that includes a USB charger, cleaning equipment, and a mouthpiece.



  • Grenco Science G Pen Vaporizer Elite


One of the latest herbal vaporizer pens produced by Grenco Science, this might just be the best dry herb vape pen in the market, due to it being designed for the sole purpose of dry herb vaping. The look of the pen itself is very simple and minimalist, similar in shape with the F17 cloud vape pen, and it uses an LED that displays the temp and a battery indicator.


The material is heated in a ceramic chamber with a capacity of .75 grams, and its surround by the heating element in every angle, allowing for even heating of the material. This device is suitable for taking it with you outside the house since its equipped with a vape pen battery power of 2,200 mAh that can let you get a lot of uses out of your device.


This pen vape has adjustable temperatures ranging from 93? to 220?. It also allows for 2 A charging, making recharging your batteries much faster than most other vaporizers in the market. Because of these useful features, the G pen Elite is one of the best pen vaporizers and is priced at $149.95.


  • The Mighty


The Mighty is so named for having the performance of a desktop vape with the body of a portable. Compared to most other vaporizers in the market, it is fairly bigger. And if you are looking for something a little more portable and less wieldy, consider looking at the Mighty’s smaller brother, the Crafty.


The mighty uses combination conduction and convection heating, providing fast heating times while maintaining at the appropriate temperature. The Mighty’s 1.4 chamber can hold a lot of dry herbs and can also hold liquids since it comes with a liquid pad. It also comes with a feature that allows you to change the temperature settings at a maximum of 210?


The Mighty requires 2 18650 batteries, making it easy bringing spares if you want an extra-long vaping session. But you need to buy your separate batteries.


Costing at a whopping $399, the Mighty might be one of the expensive vaporizers in the market, but it makes up for the cost in terms of power and performance, making it worth every penny.



  • The Volcano


The Volcano is a vaping classic regarded highly by many marijuana enthusiasts. Its unique “volcano-shaped” design and attached easy-valve balloons make it instantly recognizable to anyone who regularly vapes. While relatively expensive, the quality and performance of the Volcano speak for itself.


This desktop type vaporizer makes for very convenient use. You just need to put your material in the herb chamber; place it on top of the Volcano, then place the bag. You can press the heat button a few minutes before placing the material since the device takes a few minutes to get to the appropriate temp. After it’s done, press the air button which fills the bag with vapor and you can use the mouthpiece attached to the bag to consume it.


The Volcano has a digital version that allows for temperature adjustments (40? to 230?) using the buttons on the LED display.

It’s bulky and on the expensive side, with the Volcano vaporizer for sale for $599.99. This device produces a lot of vapor and the best vape flavors that are clean and smooth. The Volcano is also long-lasting, so it’s a great investment.


  • The Herbalizer

This desktop type vaporizer with a sleek, oval-shaped pod design, is complete with bags, whips, a direct draw device, and a unique halogen bulb heating element that heats up quickly. It can act both as a vaporizer or aromatherapy device.


If you’re looking for a top-notch desk type vaporizer with unique features, the Herbalizer is for you. You can switch between aromatherapy and vapor therapy modes and change the temperature setting ranged at 143? to 230?. The Herbalizer contains a sensor that makes sure the temperature remains very close to the setting you put on. The Herbalizer is also made from inert components, which ensures a cleaner vaping taste.


The Herbalizer is priced at $599, and it comes with 4 balloons with a useful squeeze valve that seals the bags tight to prevent vapor from escaping, cleaning tools, aroma pads, and a silicone whip. The Herbalizer offers a unique and pleasurable vaping experience.



  • VaporFi Atom


Well known for their great e-liquid vaping devices, VaporFI has finally released one of the best herbal vaporizer pens for dry herb materials! The design is very similar to PAX vaporizers but has a lower price point.


The heating temperature can be adjusted to 3 different settings (182?, 210?, and 240?). The device also features LED lights that display different info, and it has a 3000mAh that lasts reasonably well

The new VaporFi Atom is priced at $139.99, definitely one of the best cheap vape pens in the market. It gives a consistently good weed vaping experience and while it may lack a few features high-end devices have, it makes up for it with a bargain price.


  • Pax 3


The minimalistic and sleek designed PAX 3 comes with a wonderful range of colors black, silver, rose gold, and teal, and this is a good choice for a portable vaporizer.

The PAX 3 allows you to use dry herbs or concentrates, whichever you prefer since it has a device attached that lets you use waxes and oils. You can adjust the temperature ranging from 182? to 215?, and it quickly reaches the maximum temp at about 22 seconds. The heating mechanism is designed so that the mouthpiece won’t get uncomfortably warm. It also has a built-in 3500 mAh battery that will let you use the device for up to 10 sessions.


If you prefer concentrates or dry herbs, you can use both. And its app boasts 60 different temperature settings. Its innovative battery also allows up to 10 sessions before you have to recharge it.


PAX 3 offers quality performance, giving you a pure flavor and just the right amount of vapor. It prices at $274.99 which seems like a lot, but it is worth the extra expense.


Dry Herb Vaping Crash Course


What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Dry herb vaporizers are essentially devices that turn any dry herb (not necessarily just marijuana) into vapor. Vaporizing is becoming increasingly popular because it does not involve combustion, which is a process that creates harmful substances for your body


For a little more detailed process, you add your dry herb inside a chamber which is preferably made form inert material to prevent contamination. You then heat the chamber with either conduction or convection heating which creates the vapor. And it passes through the mouthpiece and can be inhaled.


Is vaping weed odorless?


This is a commonly asked question, and no, it is not odorless. The smell may not be as obvious as if you’re smoking marijuana; it is still noticeable. You can always find vaporizers that are “stealthier” than others, but so far no vape device available in the market can fully mask the smell of cannabis.


How to Use Dry Herb Vaporizers


While there are many types of dry herb vaporizers, they follow the same principle


  1. Grind up your material as finely as possible to vaporize it evenly.
  2. Pack down the material in the chamber tightly but not so much that it impedes airflow. A good advice is to slightly overfill the chamber and pack it down enough that it stays in place. All dry herb vaporizers have this chamber; their only difference is the size and location of the chamber.
  3. Turn on the heating system and start vaping. If your device has a temp adjustment setting, use that to optimize your experience. Inhale the vapor slowly for best performance


What Temp should I use to Vape Weed?


Most vaporizers, especially the high-end ones, have temperature adjustment features. Here’s some info to help you find the temperature prefect for you


What you should know is that compounds you want in marijuana, THC, and CBD is released from the plant material at 157? and 180? respectively, so your heating temp should not go any lower than 180? to get both beneficial compounds.


The optimal vaping range is between 180? and 210?. If you want a “cerebral high” put the temp nearer 180. If you want a “body high,” set it at the higher end. Marijuana combusts at 235?, so take care that it doesn’t reach that point because the high heat creates and releases compounds that may negatively affect your health.


Kinds of Herb Vaporizer


Finding the right kind of vaporizer for you should be suitable for your needs. There are many different vaporizers for weed. Although the differences aren’t always straightforward, these are 3 common types of the dry herb vaporizer:


  • Dry herb vape pens


Many often buy these for the convenience of being the most portable among the three being mentioned. They are usually light and compact so that you can bring them practically anywhere. The downside is lower power and limited vaping compared to the bigger models.


  • Portable dry herb vaporizers


Slightly bigger than the vape pens but small enough that it can still be carried around anywhere. Usually packs a bigger punch than vape pens, there are even high-end ones that use the more efficient convective heating.


  • Desktop dry herb vaporizers


Big bulky devices that are typically for home and usually outlet powered. While they are usually more expensive, they tend to perform better and last longer than their smaller counterparts. Many desktop vaporizers use convective and sometimes even combination heating for maximum efficiency. If you want something similar, but you’re on a budget, try weed pipes. There are plenty of weed pipes for sale online. But you should also check out water pipes for sale since the water filters out the harmful substances.


What to Consider when Choosing your Dry Herb Vaporizer


Now that you know the basic kinds of dry herb vaporizer, what kind should you buy? These are the factors that you may want to consider


 Device Types


This is probably the easier choices to make. Choose vape pens only if you want something very compact and light. But otherwise, try portable dry herb vaporizers instead. They often give a more consistent performance and is there is usually no big disparity in weight and bulk between vape pens and portable vaporizers. Choose desktop units for better performance if you usually only vape in your home.


Heating types


Convection, in general, is considered better since the process distributes heat more uniformly, allowing the material to vaporize evenly. But there are still quality convection type vaporizers out there that do the job, especially if you have a budget to consider since its usually cheaper. Some vaporizers even utilize both convection and conduction heating to maximize efficiency


Battery types


Check the battery type of the vaporizer you want. Knowing about its life span, capacity, whether or not it’s rechargeable, if it’s internal or external, help you make an informed decision.


Unique features


Some vaporizers (like the one we have reviewed) have useful features. There are some that have LEDs or screens that show you the battery life left, the temperature or the time. Some also have adjustable temperatures. Check if the device you want also has the features you are looking for

Crash course concluded!


Like with any good investment, there is definitely plenty to consider. We hope that all the information and recommendations have helped you make a more informed decision in buying the right vaporizer for you. When buying online, remember to make sure you are purchasing from reputable online vape stores to avoid any problems. And if you are looking to specifically vape marijuana, don’t type in vague words like “best pen vaporizer” or “buy vape pen online” or “buy vaporizer online” and instead always add the words “dry herb” to ensure that the vaporizers you are seeing can properly vaporize marijuana.

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