How to Pick Out the Very Best Vape Batteries

//How to Pick Out the Very Best Vape Batteries

How to Pick Out the Very Best Vape Batteries

You may be thinking that when it comes to vaping, the only thing you need to worry about is the main assembly of your vape or vaporizer device.

I can’t blame you for thinking that way because the vaping chamber or mechanism in your typical, run-of-the-mill vape pen or dry herb vaporizer is where the action takes place. A vaporizer, after all, applies heat to some sort of herb or liquid that contains nicotine or some other chemical substances.

Once the item is heated up, it creates vapor. But it never gets so hot as to burn those materials. This is why the typical weed vaporizer or herbal vaporizer doesn’t pose as much of a risk to one’s health.

If you’ve ever used cigarettes, or if you’ve ever used a bong or water pipe, you know exactly where the risk is.

The truth is, whenever you’re burning something, tar is being created. If you want to know how bad tar is, I ask you to look at the black top of any roadway you drive on.

You know exactly what it looks like. This is the tar that is placed on the top of the road. Can you imagine painting that stuff into the sensitive inner linings of your lungs every time you smoke?

That’s the problem with burning herbal stuff. However, you don’t have any of this drama if you use a vapor pen or an herbal vaporizer.

This is why a lot of people who smoke marijuana prefer to use a weed vaporizer or they try the best vaporizer on the market. It simply doesn’t compare to burning stuff so you can get access to the biochemical compounds you’re trying to ingest.

Whatever You Use to Vaporize, You Need Power

I don’t care whether you think you have the best vaporizer on the market or you’re thinking of using the very best vape pen that you can get your hands on. The truth is, regardless of the device, whether it’s a vapor pen, a weed vape pen, or a heavy-duty standalone vaporizer, you need batteries for them. That’s the bottom line.

And it really all boils down to the kind of operations the vaporizer device uses. But regardless of what kind of specific model you’re looking at, the outcome is pretty straightforward: you’re looking for the stuff that you put in the device vaporized.

Pretty simple, neat, quick, and easy, right? Well, not so fast.

The truth is, the typical weed vape pen is quite different from the best dry herb vaporizer you can find. This is definitely true when it comes to the power requirements of cheap vape pens currently flooding the market.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against these types of products. But you have to know their strengths and weaknesses.

While you may be thinking that you’re just looking for a weed vape and anything would do, you might want to think again. The truth is, the energy or electrical requirements of a dry herb vape pen is different from the devices that many people claim to be the best vaporizer for weed currently on the market.

Many of this heavy-duty weed vaping devices take up a lot of energy. Where do you think that energy comes from? It’s not like you can plug these devices onto a wall socket. In fact, most of the vape pens for sale on the internet are powered by batteries.

This is why it’s crucial to get your hands on the right vape pen batteries. Whether you’re using a portable vaporizer, a weed pen, a pen vape, or a cloud vape pen, it doesn’t matter. You have to be mindful of the battery life of those devices.

Sure, you may be thinking that these vaporizers for weed and other herbal compounds and products look the same. Well, you might want to look closer. There is a lot more going on than their surface similarities.

They may be designed to look sleek and powerful, but don’t let their looks deceive you. The truth is, a lot of these devices claim to be the best portable vaporizer on the market. You see them hyped up to no end at typical online vape stores. But at the end of the day, despite their claims for being the model or product that can qualify as the “best herbal vaporizer,” they fall short.

Look for the Typical Pen Vape or Vaporizer’s Main Weakness

Where does the typical weed vape or weed pen come up short? Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. You don’t need to have been doing brain surgery to clearly realize that it’s all about power.

You have to understand that when these devices create enough heat so as to liberate the vapor or moisture inside dried herbal materials, they require a tremendous amount of electricity.

I know it sounds crazy because the typical G Pen vaporizer or Cloud vape pen device, as small, sleek, and compact as they may be, suck up a lot of electrical energy.

This is why you have to zero in on the vape pen battery. This part of the equation determines whether the herbal vaporizer pen you’ve had your eye on for so long is any better than the typical weed pipes for sale online.

It’s very easy for you to thumb your nose at these weed pipes for sale. But if you’re really honest with yourself, given the amount of heating power that you would get with those devices compared to typical water pipes for sale as well as the products that you think come close to being the best pen vaporizer, you’d be surprised at the results.

If you’re completely honest with yourself regarding the comparison, you’d be surprised at the fact that you can often get the best draws from these older devices.

I know that sounds crazy because you’re looking for the best vape flavors. After all, all sorts of products claim to be the best pen vaporizer currently on the internet. But at the end of the day, you’re not getting much because they’re under-powered. The batteries simply are not up to the job.

You may be thinking that you have checked out one volcano vaporizer for sale after another, and you’ve also tried to buy vape pen online several times. You might be under the impression that you know your way around the block and you know how to adequately size these up. Well, you might want to think again.

It’s one thing to buy a vaporizer online or buy a vaporizer that comes with a solid brand, but at the end of the day, if the draw isn’t there because of the weak vape pen battery that they come with, you’re in a serious disadvantage. No joke.

It’s easy to think that a lot of these water pipes for sale are just simply useless because they require an open flame. But at the end of the day, if you’re looking for that great vaping experience and you want to make sure that whatever herbal item you put in the devices is vaporized correctly, then you have to come clean. You have to be honest, and you have to step past the hype.

I know it’s very easy to get excited at vape pens and vaporizer devices, especially heavy-duty standalone units with thick batteries, but the problem is, most people use the typical weed vaporizer when they’re on the go.

In other words, if they’re trying to get from Point A to Point B, they’re looking for a small form factor. They’re looking for a unit that’s easy to conceal. This should be obvious.

It’s not like you want to walk around in full view of the cops, broadcasting to the world that you’re going to enjoy yourself a little marijuana action in a dark corner somewhere. It’s not exactly the wisest decision and you might end up in a place you won’t be too happy at.

While it is true that smoking marijuana is legal in places like Oregon, Washington State, Colorado, and California among others, you still have to be discreet about it.

It’s not like you can be the modern-day incarnation of Bob Marley and just blaze up wherever and whenever. It’s not like you could walk around with this halo of vapor and everyone can easily find out what you’ve been inhaling. It doesn’t work that way.

This is why the typical vapor pen was invented in the first place. You can have your fun on the road and enjoy mother nature’s best whenever and wherever, but with maximum discretion. And to pull this off, you have to have the right batteries.

This is not always easy because there are tons of cheap vape pens out there. And what makes them cheap is not so much their durability. In fact, a lot of them can last a long time. That’s not the main issue with them. The main issue is the power that they have or the battery that they have access to.

Make no mistake, a weed vape may be able to vaporize herbal materials. But if it doesn’t really process enough of it, it’s just too much of a chore.

I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve tried a lot of these products that have been heavily hyped. It’s as if people can’t shut up about these being the best vaporizer for weed. So, I get my hands on them and I try them out, and guess what? I start pining for water pipes for sale online.

I know that sounds crazy. Who would want to take a step back? After all, vaporizing is supposed to be this giant leap forward in terms of product development and weed-smoking technology, so what’s the big deal?

The truth is, as awesome as the G Pen vaporizer, or volcano vaporizer, or any other vape products you can find online and offline, the truth is, with weak batteries, you’re pretty much on your own.

The Best Approach to Picking Vaporizers

Here is what I suggest. Instead of focusing on how much weed you can vaporize with a vape pen or some other vaporizer device you’re looking at, focus on how long it would last.

I know that sounds crazy because a lot of people would focus on capacity. They would look at the chamber, they would look at how much dried herbal materials can be packed in there, and they automatically would get a nice draw, which of course translate to a nice buzz.

Maybe you’re listening to some awesome reggae, maybe you’re into electronic dance music and a little bit of old school trance enough to transport you to somewhere magical, or maybe you’re looking to vaporize weed while listening to psychedelic music. Whatever you’re into, let me tell you, that fantasy is going to go up in smoke really quickly once you experience weak batteries.

The sad truth is, unless you’re careful, you’re not going to unlock the best vape flavors from these devices. Not even close.

Here’s the secret to finding the best vape pen vaporizer. It’s not the sleek design, it’s not the brand name, and it’s definitely not the price. What is the secret? The battery.

If the battery lasts a long time and packs quite a bit of electrical power in correlation to its form factor, weight, and placement in the device, there’s a good chance that you would have bought the best vape pen in the market.

This is a really tricky device because you’re looking for something small, something light, something easy to transport from Point A to Point B, but at the same time, it must be able to give you the draw of whatever it is that you are trying to ingest.

And this is not always easy. It’s like trying to straddle two horses at the same time, and both horses are going in different speeds. Talk about crazy, right? Well, it’s also a very dangerous situation.

So, you can see why a lot of manufacturers make a big deal about the fact that they’re supposed to offer the best vaporizer of weed, or they have the ultimate weed pen, and so on and so forth.

Maybe these claims are true. Maybe a particular brand or model does come close to being the best portable vaporizer. But the only way to know that for sure is to pay close attention to how they design the battery.

It’s not just a question of placing the battery right so that it maximizes the vaporization process in the chamber of the device, but it also depends on the power of the battery.

Think of your typical vape device as a cellphone. Isn’t it annoying when you use your mobile phone and it just seems to run out of juice every single hour?

I know that sounds crazy, but if you use enough apps and you use your phone in a very intensive way, you’re going to run out of juice sooner rather than later. And the best way to deal with this is to start out with the right phone in the first place.

Do you see how this works? Good. Apply it to your choice of vape pen batteries.

It’s not rocket science. All it takes really is just an initial focus on the outcome that you are looking for. Believe me, constantly changing vape pens is not fun.

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