How to Find the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for You

//How to Find the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for You

How to Find the Best Dry Herb Vaporizer for You

Whether you’re trying to give up smoking or you’re looking to try something new, you’ve decided to get started and buy a vaporizer. The only thing is, there are a lot out there. Online vape stores flood you with all these options—cheap vape pens can cost only $99, while others out there claiming to be the best portable vaporizer can go as high as $330. On top of this, each portable unit has its own set of quirks: some are heavier than others, some are battery powered, some are rechargeable, and the features always change to accommodate the varying needs of different users. To help get you on your way, we’ve prepared this article with our top six weed vape pens of choice and a short guide on how to pick the best one for you.


The Six Best Weed Vaporizers of 2019


#1. Ascent Vaporizer


If money is no object, then pick the Editor’s Choice for the best dry herb vaporizer so far. Its 100% glass pathway and glass-covered ceramic bowl are sleek, sensuous even. Its precision temperature technology with screen display adds to great performance. Even better, the entire package is fit to bursting with functionality and style. It includes a carrying satchel, a metal pick, glass oil jars, glass stems, and a wall charger. If a well-crafted vape is what you need to carry with you to get you through the day, this is a surefire must-have. If customization is your concern, know that there are four styles of this model, so there’s bound to be one for you.


Specifications and Features:


  • 3.75 x 4.75 x 6 inches and 1.45 pounds
  • Four distinct designs with 100% glass path and mouthpiece that makes sure to deliver the cleanest and best-tasting vapor
  • OLED screen that updates you about battery life and heating temperature
  • Precise temperature control that caps at 430 °F, allowing you to set the optimal temperature for vaporization
  • Portable vaporizer that directly delivers through the mouthpiece
  • Dual voltage (110 V and 220 V) rechargeable lithium battery with more than three hours battery life
  • Compatible with waxy oils, dried herbs, and more


This DaVinci model certainly lives up to the title of best vape for its form and function. Its glass build means that it leaves no terrible plastic, rubber, or metal aftertaste. Its engineered heating means that it takes only 23 seconds to heat to perfection—only a rapid heating system for those in the grip of boredom. Though rather weighty, that only means that the Ascent Vaporizer is durable and solid.




  • Long battery life for continuous use
  • Superior battery-powered heat source
  • Portable and versatile
  • Rapid heating system
  • Customizable and precise temperature settings for a memorable experience




  • Mouthpiece diameter is too small and clogs easily
  • Glass pieces are difficult to clean and fragile


#2. Boundless CFX Vaporizer


Sometimes even weed vaporizers already on sale just don’t fit the budget. Sometimes, even if they do, their performance is subpar. Our list’s Budget Pick solves both these issues in a single model, the Boundless CFX Vaporizer. It heats quickly through a discrete air path and informs you of the temperature progress through a full, high-definition display. Its range is 100–430 °F, and it kindly vibrates to inform you when it has reached the set temperature. Recharge this model’s double internal lithium batteries through a micro USB port, sit back, and allow the magnetic mouthpiece cap to swing open at leisure. Anyway, its auto shutoff feature will kick in at the five-minute mark.


Specifications and Features:


  • 4 x 3.25 x 6.25 inches and 1.20 pounds
  • 110 V, 80 W double lithium batteries with a capacity of 2500 mAh
  • Contains an herbal vaporizer-compatible ceramic chamber
  • Efficient dual convection–conduction heating system
  • 1.77-inch TFT HD display that shows temperature progression
  • Session countdown timer before automatic shutoff
  • Cool and sleek casing that lends an easy grip

This $180 Boundless model is the best herbal vaporizer for budget seekers. It is completely rechargeable in only 30 minutes, and the HD display helps give a clear and bright image to help monitor its performance.




  • Highly affordable and portable
  • At most 20 seconds of heat-up
  • One charge lasts 10–15 sessions
  • Easily operable due to its auto shutoff and standby mode
  • One of the most efficient and fastest vaporizers




  • The pathway is easily clogged
  • It is bigger than the typical portable vaporizer
  • Its cloud sizes are small


#3. PAX 3 Vaporizer – Complete Kit


The Pax 3 Vaporizer is the latest among its iterations of portable weed pens. Its anodized aluminum coating lends it an elegant sheen, and in three possible colors too. Its haptic feedback mechanism is highly attuned to your touch, which helps deliver a tactile, efficient experience. The battery capacity is large enough to last many, many sessions. Furthermore, its oven lid is ample sized and will effortlessly accommodate more herb for the best vaporizer experience over multiple sessions. This model also has something not all models have: a capacity to connect to advanced smartphones for dexterous control.


Specifications and Features:


  • 2.5 x 5.25 x 5.25 inches and 0.70 pounds
  • Supplied by a 3500-mAh, 110 V lithium battery that takes around 90 minutes to recharge
  • A wide range of over 60 temperature settings from 360–420 °F, allowing you to set your optimal temperature
  • Its open-lidded insert has enough capacity for herb to last nearly around two sessions
  • Portable vape that delivers smooth, intense flavors whether waxy oils or dried herbs are placed in the chamber
  • The mobile app grants access to temperature fine tuning and four modes: flavor, stealth, efficiency, and boost
  • Haptic feedback and vibration notifications provide tactile feedback directly in your hand or through your pocket when used in combination with the mobile app

The PAX mobile application places this unit among the most convenient vape pens for sale. Through Bluetooth connection, the app communicates whether or not the vape has reached the desired temperature. Furthermore, this unit comes with a kit already complete, making this purchase a great choice among buyers searching for the absolute vaping experience.




  • Only medical grade and safe materials used for construction
  • Upon full charge, can last 8–10 sessions
  • Bluetooth capability connects with most smartphones
  • Guarantees the most discreet and convenient vaping experience for all types of users




  • Pricier than other portable vapes
  • Vapor intake is not as even an experience as with other models


#4. Firefly 2 Vaporizer


The latest Firefly vaporizer comes with a convection heater and a glass path. The heating element and oven-material chamber are perfect for wax and dried herbs. Meanwhile, its removable batteries mean you can swap them with a max hit of 50 for every battery life, or 100 hits for every two that come with one model. Its redesign includes an exclusive mobile application compatible with Android and iOS. It allows for effortless control and even has a battery-saving option. It achieves this through sensors that are dual touch, which activate and heat up the unit only as needed.


Specifications and Features:


  • 2 x 7 x 7 inches and 1.25 pounds
  • Dynamic convection heating allows for personalized temperature control from 340–420 °F and produces more flavorful and richer vapor
  • Sensors that are dual touch lead to quick and effortless activation and temperature initiation
  • Clean without any fuss using the glass bowl made of borosilicate with a magnetic lid
  • Two swappable batteries that guarantees constant hits even on the go
  • Fast charge this portable vaporizer in only 45 minutes, one of the shortest charging times there are




  • Effortless loading and cleaning
  • Ready to use in only three seconds
  • Loses heat just as fast as it gains it
  • Provides a more flavorful and richer vapor
  • Select your dosage with every breath




  • Among the most expensive portable vapes
  • Has minimal dry herb and wax capacity


#5. Grenco Science G-Pen Elite Vaporizer – Phil Frost x Burton Edition


This G-Pen vaporizer is a highly engineered model suited for those looking for a twist. Its 360, all-around heating element revolutionized the game and enriched user experience. Every hit counts, so why not make it the best? It also features large ceramic heating compartments that allows larger herb portioning so you can maximize the experience. Its LED display indicates battery life and temperature, meaning that you can achieve different flavor notes on your own through tweaking the temperature setting.


Specifications and Features:


  • 5 x 4.5 x 6.75 inches and 1 pound
  • Highly intuitive temperature control is easy to toggle and allows you to set any temperature in the 200–428 °F range
  • Frost’s punchy and cool artwork wraps around its robust heating system, which consistently delivers topnotch vapor on demand
  • Large chamber is able to store up to 0.75 grams of herb, meaning few reloads and long vape sessions
  • All-around heating element thoroughly vaporizes herbs from every angle




  • Its style and function were ergonomically designed
  • Quick heat-up for that instant gratification
  • Uses a top-tier lithium-ion battery (110V) with smart chip tech
  • Minimizes battery use for prolonged vape sessions




  • The mouthpiece gets painfully hot after some time
  • The battery cannot be removed


#6. KandyPens K-Vape Vaporizer


Style and sleekness, efficiency and speed, maybe you don’t need to get the best of the best. What you’re looking for is something affordable and will get the job done. Your experience doesn’t have to be transcendental, just satisfying. This is where K-Vape’s KandyPens come in. For what it can do, it’s a downright steal. It has a circular rubber ring and a tiny indent around it, it has added protection in case of overheating, and its big herb chamber gets more sessions in per refill. To add to all this, loading is hassle-free. Choose this for the anti-nitpicky pick.


Specifications and Features:

  • 2.25 x 2.75 x 6.75 inches and 0.55 pounds
  • Wholly convection technology sends you the vapor you desire without burning your herbs
  • Toggle among its three temperature settings—360 °F, 380 °F, and 420 °F—to achieve that complete control over your experience
  • Hard-to-miss power button that needs five consecutive presses to unlock and start up
  • Avoid any undesirable metallic taste with the stainless steel, 0.6-gram capacity herb chamber
  • Automatic shutoff at the five-minute mark avoids needlessly wasting the internal battery



  • Highly budget friendly
  • Works for both veteran and first-time vaporizers
  • Among the earliest models of herbal and portable vaporizers
  • Takes only 30 seconds to heat up
  • Heating is completely by convection, not combustion



  • One full recharge takes one up to two hours
  • The mouthpiece is strangely shaped to better fit your lips


Kinds of Portable Weed Vapes


Technology continues to evolve over time to accommodate market demands. Designers and innovators paid close attention to the clamor for cigarettes and other tobacco products and, once the time was right, struck and presented the world market with vapor pens, dry herb vaporizers, and more. The market also adjusted and provided many opportunities to buy vape pens online.

Now, instead of burning tobacco and smoking right up to your fingers, vaporizers rely on e-juice to provide the best vape flavors as an option. Your vaping experience is also customizable because you can choose different flavors and adjust nicotine amounts. What with all the choices available, the best pen vaporizer is truly a personal choice. Nevertheless, we are here to guide. Here are a few kinds to consider.


Convection Vaporizers


The first among the vaporizers for weed, released in 1994, was invented by Eagle Bill Amato. The “Shake and Vape” vaporizer was a glass pipe connected to an herb compartment. Together, the two were inserted into a bulbous glass, below which was the flame. At a later point in history, “Shake and Vape” would be considered the first convection-style portable vaporizer. A few years after, in 2000, Vapir launched and marked the beginning of electronic vaporizers.

Conduction Vaporizers and Enclosed Butane Vaporizers


Vapir released a device vaporized through a plug-in connection, though it also came with a battery pack so that users could bring it around. This model became known as the first portable conduction-style vaporizer. Then in 2002, the “Vapor Genie” was introduced. It was a portable vape that similar to the “Shake and Vape” was non-electric, but it used an internal heating system instead. Six years later, “Oglesby & Butler” from lolite came out as the first portable enclosed butane vaporizer.


Vaporizers Powered by Removable Batteries


At the click of an ignition switch, a spark would fly and catch fuel from a butane container. A native temperature monitor would stop the gas supply once a preset temperature was reached. In 2009, the “Magic Flight Launch Box” came out with a removable vape pen battery. It was miniature enough to hide inside one’s palm, and its battery was the standard AA.


Pen Vapes and High-End Vapes


Durability, affordability, and portability all came to be associated with vapes. They were high in demand and 100% made in America. In early 2010, Atmos released a pen-like portable vaporizer “Raw”. Slim and sleek, it was an e-cigarette lookalike that was an instant hit. Finally, in 2011, Arizer Tech introduced “Arizer Solo” to the market. It tapped into the desires of consumers because of its herb chamber, which was bigger than those of other models and was able to deliver more hits at a time.


Choosing the Best Dry Herb Vape Pen


Now you know the kinds of vapes out there, but that can only help so much. There are still hundreds of options available, making buying the best vaporizer for weed an overwhelming task. Many models claim to be the best-selling vaporizers, too. Or even without taking that into consideration, a dizzying number of names start flooding in the moment you search online—G-Pen Vaporizers, Cloud Vape Pens, VOLCANO vaporizers for sale, and more.


Hence, if you enter the market without enough prior knowledge, you could end up wasting hard-earned money on low-quality units. And whether you’re a pro vaper or a beginner, money down the drain stings. If you want to get the best bang for your buck, let us explain to you the qualities of the best vape pens:


Heating Element


Portable vapes, similar to desktop vapes, operate either by convection or conduction. Conduction involves heating through direct contact between the heating element and dry herb, while convection involves heating the dry herb through air currents warmed by the heating element. Most portable vapes today use conduction through heating coils (metal coils that glow bright red when heated) and heating chambers.


A downside to conduction heating is that once temperature hits 750 °F, the dried herbs in the chamber start to burn instead of vaporize. This is the issue that convection heating combats by using filters or ceramic screens to separate the heating element from the herb. Another method is to use heating chambers that place ceramic, metal, or glass bowls near the source of heat. With this design, the heating element is inaccessible during vape sessions. However, rest assured that the proximity of the herb to the heating element is enough to lead to fast heat transfer and precise temperature control.


Temperature Tuning


By now, hopefully you’ve come to the realization that temperature is vital to your vaping experience. After all, one advantage vaping has over old-school smoking is that vapes provide better temperature control than those weed pipes for sale. Hence, when purchasing an herbal vaporizer pen, consider how much control over temperature a unit provides you. Some models have only one preset heat setting, while others can have three or more. There are also a few models whose temperature control is dependent on when your manually insert and remove the battery. For the last, more experience is needed so that you can properly estimate the time needed to get the temperature just right.


Attachments and Accessories


These are optional add-ons that are available to many weed vape pens to help enhance your vaping experience. One attachment is common probably because of its familiarity: the “bubbler.” It isn’t that foreign. If you walk in a store and see water pipes for sale, imagine those but smaller. Vapor goes through the water in the bubbler so that it cools down. It makes for a smoother draw and, for some, a better experience. A few models also have adapters that introduce water flow into the pipe.


In Summary


A portable vaporizer bought wisely is a great investment. You can bring it wherever you go without bothering with tangling cords, you can charge wherever, and you can do a simple battery switch if it happens to run out of juice while you’re out. Even purchasing it can be hassle-free because there are so many opportunities to buy vaporizers online. With so much variety and range available in the market today, there will surely be one out there that’s perfect for your needs yet still within your budget. Just make sure to check the specifications and features, compare products, and most of all, prepare a budget.

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