Beginners guide to Weed Vaporizers

//Beginners guide to Weed Vaporizers

Beginners guide to Weed Vaporizers

Before we start, please check out if the state you are in has legalized cannabis. Although the legalization and consumption of cannabis have seen vast strides in the last decade, so far, only 10 states have legalized both medical and recreational marijuana, while 23 have legalized for medical use only.

If you’re already a regular consumer of cannabis or even just an enthusiast, you might want to switch from smoking weed to using the less conventional dry herb vaporizer or herbal vaporizer. Here’s a brief discussion on the effects of smoking weed or using a vape pen health-wise:


Are there studies about cannabis smoking conclusively showing health risks?


In one study, the data was collected from a relatively large amount of people who live in Los Angeles (who had any history of lung cancer or any cancer relating to the respiratory tract) as well as an equal number of control participants (no history of those cancers) but had matching criteria with the first group such as age, sex, or living location.


The results offered in the study show that the association of these cancers with marijuana, even though long-term or regularly used, is not strong and may well be below any noticeable limits. These results though, are far from conclusive. The researches explain that their findings could have been affected by selection bias, as well as the accuracy and validity of the drug history the participants have shared. They also had difficulty in finding participants who had long term experience with cannabis.


This can also be caused by some communities like communities of color, are being racially discriminated by prohibitive laws more so than other people. And this culture of prohibition often leads to and retains inequality, making the study of cannabis smoking or its usage in general very hard. That’s why so far, there are no studies that irrefutably prove any absolute risks associated with cannabis smoking.


Then what DO we know about cannabis smoking?


Well, combustion or any process involving burning any material will produce compounds that irritate the lungs when inhaled, or even possibly cause cancer if done over a long period as continuous exposure to these compounds can mutate the cells in your body.


While whether or not exposure to the amount of cannabis regular smokers experience could cause problems in the long term isn’t entirely clear, we do know that the compounds or the tar produced in vaping can cause lung irritation, and this can be circumvented by using dry herb vape pens or vapor pens in general.


Many studies that compare the effects of smoking versus vaping show that although not always the case, vaporization may be beneficial in avoiding the compounds produced during combustion and preventing any acute issues from occurring, such as lung irritation.


While weed vapes are becoming increasingly popular, are they better than conventional smoking?

Vaping is being promoted as a healthier alternative to smoking. Cannabinoids from cannabis (the compounds providing the high and other potential benefits) release in a temperature lower than at which the cannabis burns. The whole point of vaping being that the vaporizer uses just enough heat that releases the cannabinoids, but not too much that the cannabis combusts and produces those harmful compounds.


Although there hasn’t been a well-controlled direct comparison of the effects of smoking versus vaping cannabis, the present research still suggests using a vaporizer reduces the chance of exposure to dangerous compounds in the burned material. These compounds are called pyrolytic compounds, which are produced when something burns, and these compounds are the ones that are usually unsafe for the human body.


There is a study in 2004 in the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics that compared the amounts of specific compounds released in the smoke and the ones released in vapor. The results have shown that while both contain the useful cannabinoids, the presence of pyrolytic compounds in the vapor is vastly minute compared to the amounts measured in smoke.


Always be mindful of the risks to be aware apart from the toxic pyrolytic compounds present when consuming cannabis. You should know that there are current studies that have shown cannabis the negative effects of affecting your wakefulness, increasing your heart rate for a short time, causing anxiety, or even affecting your short term memory retention. And these risks will always be present whether vaping or smoking cannabis.


On a positive note, in 2010 published in the International Journal of Drug Policy examined 20 volunteers, all of which consumed cannabis regularly with symptoms of respiratory irritation and all have replaced smoking with vaping for a month. 12 of the participants have improved symptoms, while 8 contracted a respiratory infection. Despite this being a small study, it clearly shows that vaping is better than smoking with regards to respiratory issues


Another study from the University at Albany reported that cannabis users formerly experiencing symptoms of bronchitis and respiratory irritation have experienced very significant improvements in respiratory health especially lung function when switched to using the vaporizer instead of smoking.


Now that you’re informed about the ins and outs of cannabis consumption, and you maybe interested in trying vaporizers for weed, here are some tips to get you started:


Don’t skimp on buying quality products and know what you’re purchasing


Remember that not all vaporizers are made equal, as there are some that aren’t as good as preventing combustion from happening, which if you think about it, completely bypasses the point to buy a vaporizer in the first place.


There are many different vaping devices currently in the market. Common ones found for sale are vape pens, flower vaporizers, and water pipes. Please check out the information below since the best vaporizers for weed are purely depend on your specific needs:


  • Vape Pens


Vapor pens are very similar to the e-cigarettes. Both have a battery with a heating coil which holds the cartridge containing the cannabis extracts. The extracts are usually suspended in a liquid filler made from different oils such as liquid terpenes, propylene, or polyethylene glycol. Be aware that inhalation of these oils when heated at high temperatures may cause lung irritation, which is why doctors usually recommend pen vapes that use plant material only instead of the ones suspended in oil.


I also urge you to only stick with devices sold or made by reputable brands. Buy weed vape pens with materials made from inert materials like ceramic, stainless steel, and quartz. Don’t buy cheap vape pens made from plastics and glues, especially near the heating elements. That’s a big no-no.

Pros: Cheaper than flower vaporizers. Among the 3, the is the best portable vaporizer since being the smallest and most lightweight.


Cons: Most weed pens use conductive heating, which can result in higher amounts of pyrolytic compounds being produced. Some make use of oil suspensions that can cause lung irritations in some cases.


  • Flower vaporizers


Flower vaporizers cone-shaped vapes that use both conduction and convection heating. The Volcano is probably the most well-known flower vaporizer in the market. The cannabis material is vaporized, slowly accumulating in a bag, which inflates like a balloon as more vapor is stored. If this sounds good for you, there is a volcano vaporizer for sale at 20% off in this site:

Pros: Effective at delivering large amounts of cannabinoids per use and longer lasting than vape pens

Cons: Unwieldy, Bulky, Usually expensive


  • Water pipes


Water pipes a.k.a bongs are usually made of glass and heavy-duty plastic. There’s a receptacle that holds the weed. Once it’s lit, the water filters the smoke for a hit that’s smoother. While the smoke accumulates within the tube, the mouthpiece is covered. Once enough smoke is generated, you inhale through the mouthpiece for a direct lung hit. You can typically find good quality water pipes for sale at your local head shop.


Pros: The water traps heavier particles, water-soluble molecules, and toxins, giving you a purer and cleaner hit. Tars also separate from the smoke stick to the water pipes interior instead of entering your lungs.


Cons: Most are cumbersome and fragile. Requires more smoke intake since the water also filters out some cannabinoids.


Remember to buy quality weed


At the end of the day, whatever vaporizer you use will not matter if the stuff you put it int is bad/ Only buy from trustworthy sources since contaminants such as molds or pesticides may be present in your weed if you’re not careful.


Know what kind of heating you want your vapes to have. Conductive heating is usually cheaper while convective heating can have less stable temperatures. The best vape pen or the best vaporizer in general usually utilizes both conductive and convective heating.


What’s even more important is built in temperature monitors in your vape. So you can adjust the heat to the most efficient and safe levels/


Remember to ask help from the professionals


Questions about cannabis usually have no clear, definite answers. The studies at this given time are just not conclusive yet.


Don’t forget that every person has different physiological needs. Be aware of any conditions you might have and consult a medical professional. It’s completely ok if you don’t find vaping suitable for your needs


If you want to buy a vaporizer, her are a few suggestions based on the info above you’ve just read. You might just find the best herbal vaporizer for you.


8 of the best weed vaporizers ordered from the lowest to highest price points


Storz & Bickel Crafty, $279


The more compact brother of the Mighty, the Crafty utilizes both conduction and convection heating, allowing for great efficiency and precision in reaching and maintaining the temperature. It works great with plant material and an app is also included that puts the user’s preference in control, allowing you to change the temperature, change the brightness of the LED, lets you see your vape pen battery life, and many more useful features. You can buy it at for $279.


Pax Labs PAX 3, $199


The minimalistic and sleek designed PAX 3 coming in a range of colors of black, silver, rose gold, and teal, might just be best vaporizer for weed for any stylish beginner. This device can both be used with either dry herbs or concentrates, and its app boasts 60 different temperature settings. Its innovative battery also allows up to 10 sessions before you have to recharge it.


Atmos Jump, $65


Atmos jump is one of the best pen vaporizers that also have a very affordable price. While it does only come with one temperature setting, this dry herbal vaporizer pen evenly vaporizes your dry herbs owing to its anodized heating chamber technology which provides a smoother experience. It allows for quick and convenient use since it features an easy access mouthpiece and micro-USB charging. You can buy the Atmos jump for $65 at


Magic Flight Launch Box Kit, $119


This Box kit vape is perfect if you want top-notch convection heat coupled with a more traditional, low-tech design which comes at a lower price compared to other vapes. While there are no temperature adjusting features, it makes up for it with its convenience, and it comes with a life-time warranty. You can buy the kit at their site,

Buy it: $119,


G Pen Pro Vaporizer, $90


Quite similar in appearance with the Phantom cloud vape pen, this sleek and stylish pen is one of the best portable vaporizers in the market. The G Pen Pro utilizes a compact convection heating design with 3 different optimized heating temps to choose from. Get the G Pen Pro and other vape pens for sale at


AirVape X, $179


Similar to the craft, the AirVape X uses both conduction and convection heating in its very small frame, making very portable and easy to carry. The display also shows you the temperature and its remaining battery life. Both concentrates and dry herbs can be used for this crate product. You can view more of its specs at


DaVinci IQ, $274


This hybrid/convection style vape comes with precision temp control ranging from 250-430° F. Its innovative design also allows you to boost the temp or enter in power saving mode. You can get the purest flavor and hit owing to its ceramic zirconia air path; the IQ company spares no expense. You can get it from their site


Firefly 2, $330


One of the pricier best selling vaporizers out there, the Firefly 2 utilizes a dynamic convection technology that heats your material in a mere 3 seconds. It also comes with an app that allows you to monitor its heating temp. You can buy it at


A few tips when buying in online vape stores:

  • Remember that not all vaporizers are for cannabis. Avoid typing words phrases like “buy vape pen online” or “buy vaporizer online” and instead use more specific phrases such as “best dry herb vaporizer” or maybe “best herbal vaporizer.”
  • If you don’t particularly like the taste for your hit, there are many stores online that offer the best vape flavors.
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